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Feb 13


A boy and a girl have to stay after class for inappropriate touching, but when the teacher leaves the room, they do a lot more then just touch. This video is MP4 1280X720P and comes complete with music voice and surround sound. Type: 3D lolicon video | Author: DoDoCat | Time: 02:45

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Dec 08


Little Cherry gets into a fight at school and the mean girls take her shoes, but luckily her favorite teacher recuse her and takes her home. He then gets turned on by Cherrys cute little feet and decides to fuck them Type: Lolicon 3D images | Author: DoDoCaT | 16 pics and 1 GIF

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Jun 24


Toffee’s teacher drives him home from school to keep him from being bullied by the older kids. But Toffees teacher has a thing for Toffee’s feet, and finally gets the chance to do everything he always fantasized about doing to Toffee’s sexy little tootsies Type: Shotacon 3D images | Author: DoDoCaT | 19 pics 1 …

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May 10


This pak is packed with all kinds of xxx erotic lolicon 3d renders. From two hot little girls doing the nasty in the bath tub to a boy getting molested by a girl in the locker room, and a bunch of perverted stuff in between. This pak also includes two sexy GIF animations, and another …

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Apr 11


Every week after class, the gym teacher and her 8 year old lover sneak into the boys locker room to have sex, but this time they are interrupted by an unexpected guest. This pack also contains The Teachers Pet full story PDF by Horny Hannah and animated GIF. And to see The Teachers Pet Vol. …

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Mar 07

Dodocat’s Brats 3D Collection (The Teachers Pet Vol. 1)

In this image set, a little sissyboy rejects the sexual advances of the school bully. But when the teacher leaves the room, all hell breaks loose. As the school bully and two of her friends rape and sexually humiliate the little boy, then the teacher has her way with him as well. WARNING: This image …

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