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Jul 16

Kit Shotacon Art Collection

Cute yaoi shota image set with cute little boys and cub furry boys who love making great orgies together, enjoy! Type: yaoi shotacon images | Author: Kit | 30 pics

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Apr 08

Sleep over

Two furry boys enjoying each other 😉 Also, it’s all translated and uncensored 🙂 Type: yaoi furry shotacon comix | Author: Shiuk | Language: English | 8 pics

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Mar 31

H-bum shotacon pack vol.1

Cute boys hard spanked by rude womans. WARNINGS: hard spanking, violence. Type: shotacon images | Author: H-bum | 25 pics

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Mar 17

Leevi yaoi furry & shotacon pack vol.1

it’s a hot shotacon pack (includes furry shota, too 🙂 ) with very quality images (30 Mpix and higher), enjoy! Type: furry yaoi shotacon images | Author: Leevi | 15 pics

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Mar 13

Hiddengrump furry yaoi shotacon pack vol.1

Cute furry boys enjoing sex with each other! 😉 Type: furry yaoi shotacon images | Author: Hiddengrump | 21 pics

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Feb 17

Dakkawolf yaoi shotacon pack vol.1

This pack contains only uncensored & fully colored shota (and furry,too! 😉 ) images. Type: yaoi furry shotacon images | Author: Dakkawolf | 67 pics

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Dec 29

Tweaker furry yaoi shotacon pack vol.1

Vey cute and sexy furry shota boys having fun alone & together 🙂 Type: furry yaoi shotacon images | Author: Tweaker | 49 pics

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Dec 15

Blackmoon yaoi shotacon pack vol.1

Very cute little boys (furry boys, too! 😉 ) enjoying sex with each other! Also you may like other works by this author! (link 1 & link 2) 🙂 Type: yaoi shotacon images | Author: Kurotsuki (Blackmoon) | 67 pics

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Nov 29

jairou-Ryota X Ian Shinnen Kinen no Yagai Live Sex + Himitsu no Satsueikai

Very cute catboys enjoying sex with men and each other 😉 Type: yaoi shotacon images | Author: Jairou | Language: Chinese | 26 pics

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Sep 30

Keishousareru yuusha no rpg

Cute little boys having fun with their friends, moms, sisters, etc. 😉 Type: straight shotacon images | Author: Numa | 55 pics

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