Jun 12

Days Of Our Lives Ep. 5 – Nefarious Affairs, The Encounter


DOLEP05-017 DOLEP05-048 DOLEP05-049 DOLEP05-119

New and very hot yaoi shota 3D comix with perfect image quality and detailed storyline. The story takes place in the near future, after a global catastrophe. Slavery is a legal thing there so you’ll meet so many cute slave shota boys in this comix, enjoy! Also, don’t miss the other episodes: ep. 1 | ep. 2 | ep. 3 | ep.4

Type: yaoi shotacon 3D comix | Author: Insomniac | 161 pics


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  1. frans

    wauw this is realy hot, the best storie i ever sow

  2. royston

    love it. is there a number 6 coming

    1. CuteAdmin

      Yes, vol.6 is coming soon, just stay tuned and enjoy the site!

  3. tokky

    really exceptional, along insomniac

  4. Seluvia

    Very interesting and deep story, which actually somehow makes me feel with the characters. (at least some of them, especially poor diablo and lil rowdy…), and i kinda hope to see some (successful) child revolution sooner or later (perhaps with the support of people like Mrs. Anne).
    I also want to praise the artwork, which really catches some of the emotion. Well done!

    Guess that was enough writing for now. 🙂

  5. Ticklemaster

    INSOMNIAC: PLEASE PLEASE do an episode where a Hollywood director keeps kid male actors in his mansion, and TICKLE TORTURES them into peeing and into submission! Please include wood stocks to secure the ankles, so they can’t kick, and can’t run to the bathroom without permission. All requests to urinate are DENIED, but for ONCE a day, and the child is only allowed to pee into the beaker for 5 seconds at a time, then told to STOP (just like in the nurse series you did!) The kids squirm in their ropes and the stocks, faces grimacing with the effort to hold a PAINFULLY FULL BURSTING BLADDER. Peeing without permission means the kid has a choice: 1) Lick it all up off the floor, 2) Get a bare-bottom spanking with a belt till he cries, 3) Give BJ’s till the cows come home for every Man and Teenager that wants one, or 4) (most dreaded of all!) The kid actor is FIRED, has to go HOME, and explain to his parents WHY another little kid got HIS part!

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