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  1. lac

    You are great!

  2. anonimate

    Can i know who is the character from the banner?

    1. Broken Key

      “anonimate”‘s posted this a long time ago but do you have any pictures of the character on the banner?

      1. CuteAdmin

        I’ll try to find more of this character.

      2. Howedo


  3. Euminz

    if I have a Premium Account have, how can I register on the website? Sorry for the translation.


    1. Funnyboy

      You don’t need register on Premium Hentai to download files. You just need Upstore or Filespace premium account, just click ‘Download’ in any post then choose the most comfortable plan and payment method. With Premium account you’ll be able to download any files from this site without any limits.
      Best regards and enjoy the site 😉

      1. Eumin

        🙂 Thanks for your help, everything is going as you have described it.

  4. Lukáš

    Dobrý den, děláte snímky/foto/video i na zakázku ?

  5. joe

    I’ve seen you say on the other comments that image sets are free downloads. What constitutes and image set? Every time I click on a download link where it says 25 pictures or something like that, I get told premium access is required.

    1. Funnyboy

      Hi, image sets mean 2D image sets, 3D image sets usually for Premium users only. We are recommend you to buy a Premium account to download any files without any limits. Also, please, read this

      1. SINISTER

        are you using DAZ3d ?

  6. Fantasy

    Good site. Good work.
    If anyone gives you problems about the site, just say: Fantasy of NON-REAL characters is not only healthy
    but should be encouraged, not censored.
    Although there should be less violence and more love & beauty,
    but censorship is never the answer.
    Censorship is for dictatorship!

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoying the site!

    2. Ticklemaster

      Fantasy: Newsflash: it has been decreed by the US Supreme Court that ALL of these images, 3D, comics, etc., are covered under “Freedom of Speech” and NOT repeat NOT “pornography” because real children were NOT used to photograph.

      Any images that happen to RESEMBLE actual child actors are covered! i.e. COMPLETELY LEGAL.

  7. lucariofinger172

    a few things

    i have no idea how to respond to 1 of u guys responding to me

    second i got a premium account an ive got a few videos but they don’t work for my mac computer an not sure what to do to make them work

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! Just click “Reply” under comment you want to respond.
      I’m sure MacOS can’t play mkv formats by default, some posted videos in mkv. I reccoment you to install VLC player for Mac
      Best regards.

      1. lucariofinger172


  8. Roger

    I am retiring and would like to try out some of the 3-D Software and (if I am any good maybe I can post it here.
    I worked around computers and graphics and done touch ups; but now I want to get serious.

    What software packages would your recommend and do they come with templates, etc.

    I really like all of your 3-D stuff with good stories. The believable stories make for total ‘Feel’ of the image.
    The Long Road and The Other Side have been my favorites.

    Back to the software – All advice is appreciated.
    I have access to some we have never opened right now. So give a few good tips, please.

    Thank you

    I have the captch “Socket” and I think I should plug the Eggplant in. R O F L

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, Roger. I will answer to your e-mail some later. Please enjoy the site.

      1. Roger

        I am still trying to get the eggplant to fit in the electrical outlet. Any advice.

      2. Roger

        I admin – Just hope you didn’t forget me.

      3. Roger

        Anything YET

        1. CuteAdmin

          Hi, sorry for the delay. I’ll send you an e-mail soon.
          Best regards.

  9. Roger

    My birthday is coming up and I hope to get a few pieces of software and some 3D Drawing software is exactly what I am looking for.

  10. Roger

    Hi Admin
    Its another month now. Is there something that I should know.
    -or- Is this a more complicated question than it appears ?

    Thank You

  11. luvadea

    can I upload my own stuff to your website?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, answered to e-mail.

  12. LickNSpit

    Does the contact fill out for work properly? I’ve tried sending an email but get no confirmation of sent just a loading icon.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Yes, it does.

  13. Crescendo

    I was just wondering if there were any MAC supported games, doujin and picture downloads, etc. on this site. Thank you. c:

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, all animations, videos, pictures and mangas can be easily opened in MAC.
      Best regards.

  14. Vik

    Are there any stuff that does not require premium account?.

    1. Funnyboy

      Hello. Most of 3D (pics, anims and vids) here are for Premium users only. Image sets and manga are for free. We recommend you to buy a premium account to fully enjoy the site Also, please, read this
      Best regards.

  15. Doritoz

    Hi love this site.
    Is possible to get information for submitting my work. is there pay or some other benefit like access to premiums? do you accept movies and if yes what formats? what is not allowed. i check the features post like others where told but no information was found.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, sorry for the late response. You can submitting your own work only if you’re author of this work. You cant’t directly submit a post on the site, but if you are artist, we’ll contact you shortly for details. We always looking for new artists, especially 3D.
      For downloading you need Upstore or Filespace Premium account. Just click DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD (MIRROR), then select the most comfortable plan and payment method.
      Best regards.

      1. Joe Jackson

        Hi, there, guy… I was kind of curious about this particular comment, because I happen to have a lot of 3D art work just laying around and I would be exceedingly happy to share these with the rest of this community. This kind of art work is one of my most avid hobbies and I´m very passionate about proving that to you guys. If I could do this for a living or just to earn some extra money,
        I would gladly hop on board your ship.
        Please allow me to upload some of my stuff so you can evaluate my talent and help me reach my full potential.
        I adore your forum.
        Keep up the good work.

        1. Joe Jackson

          By the way… How do I upload my images to you?
          Can you give me an e-mail address or a link to your submissions gallery or something of the sort, please…
          Thanks for your time and patience.

  16. Doritoz

    oh and max size for movie if yes too please

    and sorry for my english

  17. Scott

    When are we going to see more of the twink candy series that’s my favorite series

  18. Marechal

    Depuis plusieurs jours, je ne parviens qu’à télécharger rarement. Soit je n’ai pas accès à votre site, soit les images n’apparaissent pas à partir de la page 5. J’espère que, de vous-même, vous prolongerez, automatiquement, ma période d’accès à votre site. Merci pour votre attention, en espérant que vous ferez un geste à mon égard. Sincères salutations.

  19. JP18


    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, yes, Mommy’s Little Fuckers 2 coming soon. Action would be with the whole family including perverted mommy, daddy, two sons and 1 girl. Stay tuned and enjoy the site 😉

  20. CuteAdmin

    Jusr checked and all files are up and available to download. It was temporary technical Upstore or Filespace issue. All working fine for now.
    Best regards.

  21. Doritoz

    waited 4 days for being ignored and skipped over comments?!?!

    1. Funnyboy

      Hello! What your problem?

      1. Doritoz

        my question from 6 post above never was given answer

        1. RogerRoo

          There is your answer. See Below

  22. joshua

    I like to see more little girls

  23. Captain Jack Sparrow

    I have entered my login in information correctly for account & I am logged in but, my login email & password is not being excepted to upgrade!

  24. kevin

    My premium payment is refused

  25. Jim Cribbs

    Is there some way to actually join, I cannot find a link? Is there a cost? How much?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, you need Upstore or Filespace Premium account to download any files without any limits. Just click DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD (MIRROR) and then select the most comfortable plan and payment method.
      Best regards.

  26. Alexander


    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, you need Upstore or Filespace Premium account to download any files without any limits. Just click DOWNLOAD and then select te most comfortable plan and payment method.
      Best regards.

  27. Cumtroika

    Hi CuteAdmin

    Look I understand what you are doing here. That’s fine.

    1. Funnyboy

      Ok, we’re understand you. Our author creating animation due to your artwork.

    2. CuteAdmin

      Hi, Cumtroika! Our users love your works, even its incompleted, but enough to enjoy them. We’ll just add more volumes, when your serie completed. By “maybe we’ll make a video version of this set. But it will take some time, stay tuned and enjoy the site” comment under Skate Boy post i meant that our animation creator MMS will do a video based on your story.
      Best regards.

  28. Alexander Massari


    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, just unzip downloaded archive and open .mp4 video file in your player. You may need to install free VLC player for MAC
      Best regards.

  29. Cumtroika

    You need to respond to me at the other place. You really need to do this. Really!

  30. heimito1

    I’m VERY happy with the recent work from two newer artists, ChronArch and 112-Art. ChronArch [CA] in the Amer. Boy Paradise series is both artistic AND sexy. I also like 112-Art’s “Adam & Billy” and “Adam’s Wild West Show.” Playful & erotic.

    Style: The Japanese work is OK, but in general I prefer the “western” style. For artistic skill, story-telling ability, and erotic quality, Malajuven, Istari, and Insomniac are great, BUT I don’t like things like torture, bloodshed, piss&shit, or sex with animals. Bondage is OK as long as it is by consent, as in Istaru’s Garret series. I love Insomniac’s Days of Our Lives, but some of the violence is too extreme for my taste.

    I know different viewers enjoy different things. Just remember that some of your customers prefer sex play that is fun and affectionate.

    1. Funnyboy

      I’ll try to post more sensitive artworks in future 😉

  31. redslider

    great sight would love to see more todler being used by dad or brother. thanks

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, then you must see the newest MMS exclusive 3D video that will be posted very soon! Stay tuned and enjoy the site 😉

  32. jacob

    love your webpage but don’t know how to play videos!!!

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, you need a Premium Account to download these files. Just click DOWNLOAD and DOWNLOAD (MIRROR) and then select the most comfortable plan and payment method. After you’ll be able to download any files posted on Premium Hentai without any limits. Then just unzip downloaded archive with video. All videos in .mp4 format that can easily be played in all players.
      Best regards.

  33. calhoun

    I recently took out a one month subscription via Upstore, but forgot to notice if it was “recurring” or “non-recurring.” Which is it? If recurring, how do I cancel? (it’s more likely I will extend it as I love the site!).

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, most likely it was recurring. You can easily cancel your subsribtion by contacting Upstore support.
      Best regards.

  34. Dylan

    I too had problems purchasing this year. Normally buy a year but found it really hard getting one to work, got frustrated and purchased a 30 day, will try again because I really like the site. Found processing charge for just paying with credit card a bit high.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, Dylan! You can try to buy Upstore Premium account. It also has less processing charge. Anyway, you can always contact filesharing services support (Upstore or Filespace) if you have any payment troubles.
      Best regards.

  35. diegohentai86

    can someone tell me why i cant buy my premium is been refused two times

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, sorry for the late responce. You need to contact filesharing services support (Upstore or Filespace) if you have any payment trouble.
      Best regards.

  36. shuriken

    Hi I plan to get premium soon but until then how long is the wait time between downloads.

  37. john

    what software do you use to create the 3d models?

  38. austincooper452

    Regarding my question that got deleted, the one that was “awaiting moderation”, if you don’t want to publicly answer can you email me an answer at least?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, anwser for your question: yes, absolutely.

  39. scrumpy

    Any chance of a JonBenet lookalike in the showgirl outfit gif or vid..maybe as ‘Pageant Girl’?…thanks guys!!

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, we’ll try to make post something like this, enjoy the site 😉

      1. scrumpy

        Any joy yet guys??


        1. CuteAdmin

          Hi, sorry, not yet what you requested. But I’m asking some artists to make something like that rught now, stay tuned and enjoy the site!

          1. scrumpy

            Thanks guys..if anyone can do it your artists can
            Thanks in anticipation!!!

  40. austincooper

    I am also wanting to become an artist….specifically to contribute to the shota section. Any recommendations for software for beginners?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Try DAZ Studio.

  41. PremiumHentai4Ever

    I want some free links with yaoi shotacon videos. Please respond I love this site and all the work.

  42. Someguy

    There seems to be a problem getting to the site using Tor starting this past week. Never had a problem with it before with same settings, it keeps trying to load the page but does not complete. No problem with any other web page.

    I noticed something odd prior to this when the page did load it was no longer showing pictures, only links. Now it just keeps trying to load the page.

    Also noticed upstore downloads failing at lot more often as of late on the bigger files.

  43. Someguy

    Doing some upstore DL tests for larger files, they start out fine and DL at steady speed but they are failing at the 1 second remaining mark on different DL’s

  44. Someguy

    Smaller files testing ok for DLs, so far the newer larger 3D file DLs are having issues for the upstore.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, just checked and all working fine. Upstore was having some technical issues, all working good for now. Enjoy the site!

  45. Steve

    I am having trouble with the phone number in order to subscribe for 3 months. What is the story about this? My number is valid but it keeps saying that it isn’t. What is the 1st section where your phone number is required? +1? Then I put in my area code, followed by my 7- digit number. what is the format for the phone number? I never had this problem ever before.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, please contact filesharing service support (Upstore or Filespace) if you have any payment trouble.
      Best regards.

  46. mike gibson

    I’ve had problems unzipping more than half of the files i’ve downloaded. This is very frustrating. Is there a particulr zip program you can recommend for opening them? I have wasted far to much time going in this circle. Thank you.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, all files are zipped in zip archives that can be easily opened in Windows and Mac without additional programs. Maybe you downloaded files when Upstore was having technical troubles and you downloaded corrupted archives. Please, redownload the files. Good zip program to open zip/rar archives is WinRar.
      Best regards.

  47. Steve

    [Thu Dec 24 14:13:34 2015] index_dlf.cgi: Can’t find string terminator “‘” anywhere before EOF at /var/www/ line 510.
    Compilation failed in require at Modules/ line 3.

    I got this error message when I tried to enter filespage

    Can you help with this matter

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, it was Filespace technical issue and all working fine for now. Best regards and Merry Christmas!

  48. CuteAdmin

    Hi, it was temporary Upstore technical issue, all working fine for now.
    Best regards.

  49. papajoe

    wonderful stuff

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, Papajoe! Glad you enjoying the site! 😉

  50. pigpig

    Chapter 4 is incomplete. It’s only 31 pages, but I know there’s a an updated version with the chapter complete (61 pages I think) but not in premiumhentai
    Please can you upload the rest of chapter 4 in filespace? Thanks

    1. pigpig

      Horney peeking sister Sonofka is the subject

  51. Anonmine

    Just like Gibson above… almost all of the files posted 16 December – 25 December error out when extracting them. Multiple trys with downloading. They download fully but fail to extract.

    1. Anonmine

      Files from filespace anyways..

      1. CuteAdmin

        Hi, it was Filespace technical issue, we are working on reupping these files.
        Best regards.

  52. Joe Jackson

    Can I upload some of my personal artwork?
    If “YES”… how can I do it and where does it go?
    Please help me out with this problem….

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! Please, check your e-mail.

  53. Joe Jackson

    Hello, there, again… Just letting you know I sent what you asked for. Please use this new e-mail account. This one is more versatile. The Yahoo one drives me up the wall. Thanks. Keep on trucking!

  54. koce

    ben 10 yaoi porn video and pictures plz

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, got your request, stay tuned!

  55. crazycwind

    Hi, to register for premium account is it ok to use prepaid card application such as true wallet or deeppocket?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, please, contact Upstore or Filespace support if you have any questions about payment.
      Best regards.

  56. cubcage

    hi, how do you create those 3D models and animation, is there a software that i could create my own model easily?

    1. Dylan

      Yes there are several. A good one to start with and free is Daz 3d, but it is limited. Poser is better but cost money to buy, but you have to buy all props no matter which one you choose. My first was Daz which I did “Taking care of little brother” which is on this site. I have recently purchased Poser, still playing with Daz as I get up to speed with Poser. Hoped this helps I know I had trouble when I started. Glad to help if I can, it’s always a work in progress

  57. colin123

    like to see some facesitting in panties

  58. dodocat

    Hello, Iam a 3d artist of this type of work, I am new here and would like to know how to sell my works on this site, thankyou

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! We’re always looking for new artists. Please, check your e-mail I’ll send you a mail soon.

  59. BigBird

    Hi there, I was wondering on how to become a premium member thanks

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, you need Upstore or Filespace Premium account to download files from Premium Hentai. Just click DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD (MIRROR) in any post and then select the most comfortable plan and payment method. Once you buy a Premium account you’ll be able to download any files without any limits.
      Best regards.

  60. yomero

    because I can not access my legend always upstore 404 Not Found appears on the next page

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, it was temporary Upstore technical issues, all working fine for now, please enjoy the site!

  61. Chris

    I LOVE works of bad onion and games!!!! They’re amazing, I’d like to go against the grain with most of the commentaters. Id actually love more depravity, more babyrapecon toddlercon babyshota and toddlershota non straight. I like the boys. Think twisted.. But maybe that’s just me

  62. M.J.

    Hi. I’d like to make a request. I’m not really interested in seeing straight shotacon, but in the 3D shotacon section, straight and gay shotacon is all mixed together. Can you make a tag for gay shotacon and retag all the strictly gay shotacon with this tag? Thanks a ton!

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, all gay shota can be found here The category mixed with 2D, 3D and manga. Separate it is unnecessary. We’ll start new gay shota only project soon, so stay tuned and enjoy the site 😉

  63. Patrick

    When you are a premium user and you download a file, does it not save to the computer? I’m new to this so, I have no idea. Other than that, I really enjoy this site!

  64. lucas

    i want you to post more about
    horning peeking sister

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, more volumes of HPS coming soon when it’s done. Stay tuned and enjoy the site 😉

  65. King

    Hi there admins, Is it possible I can upload my own original digital art here?
    You don’t seem to have anybody else asking this. Thanks.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, we are always looking for new artists, answered in e-mail.

  66. Oscar Delgado

    Can you do boys and girls peeing

    1. Ticklemaster

      yeah! TICKLED till they pee!

  67. paul hooper

    Type: toddlercon-lolicon 3D images | Author: Jockeey | 127 pics i only got 82 pictures what went wrong ?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, fixed, now archive on Filsspace has 127 pics, enjoy!

  68. paul hooper

    what has gone wrong with the other site, anybody in fix it please.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, PureLoli had some technical issues, but now all working fine, please, enjoy the sites! 😉

  69. Paedonmyshoes

    Hi guys,

    Any update on a JonBenet look-a-like in pageant ‘showgirl’ scene?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, not yet, sorry.

  70. Maynachan

    Hey there. Since Tuesday I downloaded 5 files (unfortunately I am no Premium User). Now I get the message I must wait until I can download something again but…. how long? My “I want it”-list is big =D

    1. Maynachan

      Ah and I saw I have a series you don’t have online. Can we maybe make a deal if I hand it out to you ;P

  71. Chris Tran

    Hello I purchased a premium account, but the zip files I’ve downloaded won’t work. The only device I have internet access on is my phone. Is that why I can’t open them or am I doing something wrong? Either I’m super bummed!! Can you help?!?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, all archives posted here are checked and 100% working. Zip file can be easily opened in Windows or other OS without additional programs. If you want to open zip archive in your smartphone, you may need to install additional app like WinZip.
      Best regards.

  72. Urchin

    This site is amazing!
    And I would love to contribute. You should e-mail me with information on how I could do that.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, we are always looking for new artists. If you are a shota/loli artist, please let us know and we’ll contact you shortly.

      1. Urchin

        I do dabble in loli art and am getting better all the time. I currently have a couple sets started but not finished, soon though.

        1. Ticklemaster

          Urchin, are you also doing Shotacon? Tickling?

      2. Urchin

        [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “0”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “user_” in “url” *]
        Hey, still interested in a new artist? I linked a website this time so you can see a sample of my work 🙂

  73. paul hooper


    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, please, redownload the file again.

  74. m gibson

    I’ve enjoyed your service but i now need to cancel my upstore subscription. They are making that quite mysterious, which is a pretty obvious ripoff ploy. They say to go to your dashborad to manage the settings, but the “dashboard” offers no such options.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, you need to cancel it in your Upstore account dashboard, not in PremiumHentai’s. Best regards.

  75. momine

    this is a best site. good. I love.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! Thanks for the kind words, glad to see you enjoying the site 😉

  76. Sora

    Can u please post more shota content I’ve been seeing more loli content than shota thanks

    1. Funnyboy

      Hi! More yaoi or straight shota?

    2. CuteAdmin

      Hi, we are post shota and loli content equally, so stay tuned and enjoy the site! 😉

  77. pbti

    I have purchased a Premium account, but I get this message
    “The page you are looking for cannot be found.”
    No download possible.
    Tks for yr help

    1. Funnyboy

      Hi! Are you mean Upstore, right? Maybe you are using proxy?

  78. pbti

    Hi, yes, Upstore, and yes, I use a proxy, which I did the day before yesterday, and it worked.

    1. Funnyboy

      Upstore blocked many proxy.

  79. JoeBloggs

    Has there been a vid of priest,or vicar with young virgin? If not, any possibility!

    1. handson

      Check the works of DoDoCat

  80. scrumpy

    Any news on a ‘JonBenet Ramsey lookalike’ pageant strip??

  81. kokoro

    Right now, I don’t see any advantage to subscribing to “Only Best Shotacon.” So far that site is mostly re-publishing material already published on “Premium Hentai.” Meanwhile new material is still being published on Premium Hentai. I myself am ONLY interested in yaoi shotacon, and I strongly prefer western-style material to the Japanese. I would be interested in a gay-only site. Otherwise, it seems to me Premium Hentai has more of what I want than your other sites. What are your plans for “Premium Hentai”? I need to know this to decide which site I should subscribe to.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, kokoro! Premium Hentai is both for shota (all kinds) and loli lovers. Wondershota is for shota lovers only (yaoi and straight). Right now it has not so much exclusive content, but soon there would be more exclusive shota 3D images, comix and videos. I recommend you to buy Upstore Premium account which let you download any files without any limits from both Premium Hentai and Wondershota websites. Just click DOWNLOAD in any post and then select the most comfortable plan and payment method.
      Best regards.

  82. ryo

    From Japan
    Please teach me in this site structure .
    So,I Paid 11.95€ yesterday.
    Can I download in this site anyting?
    Please teach me.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, ryo! Yes, you bought a Premium account so you can download any files without any limits. You got your password on your e-mail, you always can sign in into your account at The main page shows the latest 10 posts. Just click on post’s name or on “Read the rest of this entry” and then click DOWNLOAD to download a zip archive with post material. If you want only see shotacon (boys related content) or lolicon (girls related content) just select it on the main top menu.
      Let me know if you still having any questions, enjoy the site! 😉

  83. lucariofinger172

    i put a request in a few years ago an it has yet to be done that i know of an i can’t find the posting of it

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, what your request was about?

      1. lucariofinger172

        it was for ash ketchum and pokemon with no lines covering the dicks nothing blurry so u can’t see anything and with no females only the males

        i sent the request in back in 2014

  84. Richard

    Just wandering what the story is with membership – i have membership for one month – will it automatically renew?


    1. Funnyboy

      Yes. You can also change this in the your upstore’s or filespace’s account control panel.

  85. Richard

    Hello again PremiumHentai. I think your site is great but I can’t continue membership and i don’t know how to change renewal aspect in upstore or filespace control panel. Can you please change this for me or give me more detailed instructions on where to change it myself. Please confirm one way or other.


  86. Richard

    Hi guys, don’t worry about my last message – I’ve figured it out.

    Thanks again

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, Richard! Glad you enjoying the site and thanks for the kind words!
      Best regards.

  87. aleks b.

    file is corrupted .i download it 4 times-every time message “archive error”. first picture only 50% .how i can download normal file ?

  88. geoff

    Do you take commissions?

    3 nude 10-yer-old boys, blond, raven-black hair, brown hair, pageboy haircut, long hair. Hands tied tight behind their backs, bare feet locked in the wooden stocks, soles of the bare feet relentlessly tickled by goat licking till they pee. Boy on the end couldn’t hold his bursting bladder anymore and has to suck the man in his 20’s. I can send photos to use as models for 3D.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Yes, nice idea, but our artists are busy now and making other stuff so it may take several months.
      Best regards.

      1. Ticklemaster

        Cute Admin: If it’ll help speed up the process, PLEASE let them know I am willing to paypal for it!

        1. CuteAdmin

          Hi! Ok, I’ll contact our artists and well see what we can do with it.

  89. Paladin

    Pardon, filespace, rather.

  90. lonnie l link

    thanks for the fix

  91. Sydney Moorhouse

    I purchased today 90 days FILESPACE PREMIUM via PREMIUM ISSUER using Paypal .
    I registered as ginge but my password is not recognised and the promised e-mail to renew password has not arrived .
    Please help .

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, please contact Filespace support. Best regards.

  92. Dhr

    Has anyone done or is doing any 3D toddlercon and lolicon games or sex simulators made to be seen in virtual reality headsets?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Here is one loli VR project still in early alpha testing, will post it when it’s done.
      Best regards!

      1. Dhr

        May I please have an update on the VR lolicon game. What is the ETA? What kind of 3D models are you using, will they be HQ models . or LOW Q models?

        What headsets can be used?

        I have Oculus CV1.

        Anything you can tell me would be nice.

        Thank you.

  93. Urm

    I am a 3D artist with some material that would fit this site nicely. I would love to contribute. Is there any kind of pay involved? Drop me an e-mail and I’ll send you a sample of my work.

    1. Ticklemaster

      Urm, can you do shotacon tickle torture of kids? (ages 7 – 12) tied up, bare feet tickled till they pee, then have to either get the belt on bare bottom, or orally satisfy their masters as punishment for not holding it.

  94. BC

    I keep getting “Windows cannot complete the extraction” error message on some files. Any fixes I can use. Thanks.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, you download from upstore or Filespace?

      1. BC

        Filespace, I get about 95% of files so I am not complaining though 100% would be nice.

        1. CuteAdmin

          Ok, can you please make a list of corrupted files, we’ll reupload them. Filespace changed their servers and some files may be corrupted.
          Best regards.

          1. BC

            Thank you very much for your reply. Almost all 3d downloads, with few exceptions, had some corrupted files. The only solution I can see is a total reload from your main server. Daunting task, I know that. Your call. I do prefer using Filespace because of the available payment options.

            By the way, great site. Some real treasures.

          2. CuteAdmin

            You’re welcome! We’ll check and reup corrupted files on Filespace, but it will take some time. If you need specified works from “corrupted” files, let us know and we reupload them firstly.
            Best regards.

          3. BC

            Thank you, great customer service is always appreciated. If possible let me know when re-up is completed so that I may try again. I know it will take time.

            Thanks again.

  95. manga boy

    I have been trying to download files. I have purchased a 1 month subscription. When i get to the Upstroke page and click ‘download file’ I get a screen that says ‘Not found”. can you help me?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, I’m sure it was temporary Upstore technical issue and all working fine for now, please, re-download the file.
      Best regards.

  96. Michael

    Hi, great website I really enjoy for a long time. I am a 3D artist myself and would like to offer you some of my series. So. please, let me know how to get in touch and what you will pay for it.



    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, Michael! Sorry, we are not looking for new artists at the moment.
      Best regards.

  97. BC

    Please reload all America’s Girls Paradise files on Filespace due to missing files on all downloads.

    By the way, I am having no download problems with the Pureloli website. Seems much better.

    Thank you.

  98. Tomkid

    Hi, im curious about something…
    I know there are a sex doll, and its really real.
    So may i ask, did some one make shota doll as the 3d shota.
    I wish that i can order one.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, sorry, don’t know anything about it.

  99. A Fans From China

    Hey Guys! I am a lover of your website. But could you refresh your download website, it is very inconvenient to download our artists’ work in China
    A Fans From China

  100. spitzbua

    it does not work, when unzip=failure, other unzip=failure too

  101. spitzbua

    exemple: perverted mommey

  102. lie

    Hi there, i cant seem to download zip files on my tab but i am a big fan of playtime series and would like to watch the videos but i cant. Any ideas on how to solve this? Or would you be able to send me a unzippd link or video.

    This site is the best ever.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoying the site. There are many apps that you can install to your tablet for open zip archives.
      Best regards.

  103. Mark

    if a person were to ask how to see more of an authors work can they get a url to their site?

  104. Mark

    yes no? does anyone reply to my posts?

  105. Tadeáš Průcha

    Hello, I would like to ask, what is happening with wondershota site. No new posts, removed banner link from this website? It is going to be shutted down?

    1. Funnyboy

      Hello! Please read this . Sorry about that 🙁 All exclusive Wondershota posts will be posted on PremiumHentai.

  106. lanelink

    wondering why the shot boys page was deleted.

  107. david

    hey i was wondering if only premium members of those dl sites can download it =(

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, 2D art, comics, manga and some 3D works are for free download, quality 3D images, comics and videos are for Premium users only. We are recommend you to buy a Premium account to download any files without any limits. Just click DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD (MIRROR) and then select the most comfortable plan and payment method.
      Best regards.

  108. Scott Wiegman

    What happened to your separate Shotacon site. I noticed it missing at the start of March. You still have the Lolicon one but the Shotacon was awesome. Please let me know if it is coming back.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, please read this
      Maybe it will come back like forum or something like that.
      Anyway, here, at PremiumHentai you can always find fresh shotacon and shotacon 3D in daily updated Shotacon section.
      Best regards!

  109. FapFap300

    Can I get assistance with something from an admin?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, sure, how can I help?

  110. easy

    can you help me

    1. Funnyboy

      Hi! What’s your problem?

  111. Manuel Alvarado

    How can I pay? I reject my credit card for fraud.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! You need to contact Upstore (DOWNLOAD link) or Filespace (DOWNLOAD MIRROR link) support about your question.
      Best regards!

  112. DaftOldFart

    Hello folks! Is this on? Can anyone read this?

  113. DaftOldFart

    Ah, ok, it works.

    Hello folks!
    I’m not quite sure if I am at the right place here. Well, I am almost sure that I am NOT at the right place here… but the “right” places seem to be a little unwilling to deal with this.

    I am not into lolicon. I am not into little boys or girls. I am a breastman… the bigger, the better. Still, one of my special preferences are young girls – teens, barely into puberty… but of course with big breasts. If you have ever heard of Jim Davis’ “Fertile valley” storyline, or seen the teen drawings of Randy Dave, you will know what I mean.

    Stuff like this is extremely hard to find on the Web though. The standard Big-Boobs or Breast Expansion sites have a policy against underage girls.”Teens” are 20 to 25 there… not 10 to 15.Even the hentai / oppai / bakuunyu sites are reluctant to deal with oppai loli stuff.

    So my question for you: does anyone here have a similar preference? Does anyone know of a community that deals with this topic? Is anyone interestet in material like this? If I get into producing stuff on my own… what would be reasonable – and legal! What about morphs? Would they still be acceptable?

    1. Chance Justice

      Hello i was kinda into that awhile ago and i was wondering the same…if u get any info hit me up right here

  114. Chance Justice

    I need help please…why can i not watch vids? Ive been a customer on and off for years and ive never had the joy of watching one….wat should i do

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, you need Upstore or Filespace Premium account to download premium files like 3D videos. Just click DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD (MIRROR), then select the most comfortable plan and payment method. Once you have premium account, just download zip archive from any video post, then extract archive to your PC or tablet. Almost all videos has mp4 format that can be easily play on any OS without additional tools.
      Best regards!

  115. Funnyboy

    Lance Wenban, don’t post your account details in the public messages. Regarding your question please contact with Filespace’s or Upstore’s support.

  116. Tomkid

    Hi, i miss malajuven art, whats going on? I havent see it for a while…

  117. Dsp

    tell me, you can buy premium for 1 day or a week?
    and if you have a free premium trial?

    1. CuteAdmin

      No, only month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

  118. Rudolfio


    “Sultan’s passion 3 + 4 + 5” ‘the archives are all broken.

    The archives can not be unpacked. Please come here a new upload?

    1. CuteAdmin

      The uploader will reup these files soon. Thanks for the report!

      1. Rudolfio

        Thank you and if you are already there, it is missing Sultan Nr.1.
        Should I report all defective archives and you can adjust them again?
        I have many, which can not be unpacked. Unfortunately, one can not repair CRC errors with ZIP archives , Or?

        1. Rudolfio

          [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “0”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “hentai” in “comment_content” *]
          This Archiv is also broken:

          1. CuteAdmin

            Hi! It was technical Filespace issue and the result is that some files from Filespace become corrupted. We are workng on reupping all files, thanks for the reports!

  119. Rudolfio

    Oh yes .. it is very much broken. How do we know what is right and what is not?

    1. CuteAdmin

      There is no way to know until you download it. When we reup all files we’ll let you know.

      1. guest123

        almost every file is broken here.. with Filespace.. I’m very disappointed.. I hope you’ll look into this matter..
        Playtime 5, 6 .. and some Bill3d etc.

        1. Funnyboy

          Hi! We know about this issue. We’ll try to fix this soon as possible 🙂

  120. alpha

    let us know when everything is running again 🙂

  121. alan

    What happened to your ONLY THE BEST SHOTACON PAGE. You still have the Lolicon but I miss the other one a lot. Will it be coming back ever?

    1. Funnyboy

      Hello! We’re working about it. 🙂

  122. 6ManBoy9

    Which download server handles the most?
    Upstore or filespace?

    1. Funnyboy

      Hello! Both servises are fine, but upstore is cheaper. 😉

      1. 6ManBoy9

        thanks 🙂

      2. guest123

        Is it running again now? :/ pls fix it..

    2. handson

      It seems to me Upstore gives you more acess to more downloads

  123. Dimitri

    Hello can someone tell me how I can buy a premium account and can you buy it also via paysafe?
    Sorry for my english

    1. Funnyboy

      Hello! Click the link “Download” or “Download(mirror)” on any post on the site, then choose a most comfortable plan and method of payment. 😉

  124. Nick mendez

    Hello ! Amazing work, my question is if i don’t can upload images ?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, no, you can’t upload images.

  125. Nimrod77

    I would like to create images and maybe even videos to submit. So my questions are: How would I submit any artwork? Are there rules or guidelines about do’s and don’ts of the content? I seen others have asked similar questions and the admin replies that he/she sent them an email and that is fine for me.

    Sorry if you got this twice)

  126. guest123

    I’m sorry to say that I am very disappointed about the customer service here.. I’ve paid for a premium account but I’m getting nothing.. Files are all broken with Filespace! So unfurtnately I can’t come back here, because the other one: upstore, has bad payment methods for me
    Please keep your page and files up-to-date 🙁 so that people can use Filespace without any problems..

    I would appreciate an answer.. Thank you

    1. Funnyboy

      Hello! We’ll reup the broken files from filespace as soon as possible.

    2. CuteAdmin

      Not all files broken on Filespace, just some of old ones. New files are OK!

      1. guest123

        I tried and all old ones were broken.. 🙁 also some newer (couple month old files)
        but pictures are all OK! just vids are broken..

        It would be great, if all video files would work again .. inform me 🙂

  127. GDM

    Carston’s Promise Chapter 3 and Spaceboy Spiff Chapter 3 both end saying “to be continued”.

    Any chance you can get the newer episodes? Ditto other series…

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! No news about these works for now, sadly. Best regards!

  128. narmana

    Why does your system recognize me as a Spammer?
    I marked V in the question box, “If I’m a Spammer?”
    I’m light years away from being a spammer.

    1. Nimrod77

      It is because you used the word “boy” in you message. It says in the message header that Human SPAM filter found “oy” in “comment_content” it is the letters “oy” that trigger it. Not sure why they have it set up this way since the word boy would be used a lot in messages.

      1. Ticklemaster

        Nimrod, I have this same problem. Is there ANY way we can get the Administration to turn the damn thing OFF? Every single time I use the three-letter word for a young male child, Spam is set off!

  129. Cookieman

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the name of the artist of the work in Little Rascals Straight Shotacon 3D Collection Vol. 17. Thanks for any answers.

  130. Orochi

    Does Upstore take American currency ($ dollars)? I’ve noticed that the pay options only have the german currency on them.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Yes it does. Please, contact Upstore support for more info.

  131. Courterier

    Hi CuteAdmin, I notice that the web address is no longer .org but instead it is .net. Did someone complain or was there some reason that you can no longer use the .org and had to switch to the commercial .net?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! and mirros are still available. We changed it because of technical reasons.

      1. Courterier

        Thank you Cute! ;o)

  132. zyson

    How can I create account to download stuff?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! You need a Premium account to download these files. Just click DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD (MIRROR) and then select the most comfortable plan and payment method. Best regards!

      1. zyson

        Alright thanks you very much! Loving the site!

  133. zyson

    Cute admin can you help?

  134. bob55

    Good afternoon I’m bob55 buy button to access premium account from space for files I can download but do not display the images correctly in the the Sum Dusknoir – The Summoning (PremiumHentai) Someone does not see all the preview. 1 (1) 1 ( 2) 1 (13) 1 (22) The image you can not see are 1 (14) 1 (23) 1 (27)
    Can you solve the problem? Thank you

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! The uploader will reup these files soon, enjoy the site!

  135. bob55

    I still do not see some files in the filespace file I buy key . Please you can immediately download functioning images?

    1. Funnyboy

      Hi! We’ll reup this file soon 😉

  136. don avery

    please cancel before it renewed my membership

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, contact Upstore or Filespace support.

  137. Leo Libby

    Please canx my subscription for Upstore, Trying to save money. I will let you know when I’m ready to resume. Thank You

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! You need to contact Upstore support.
      Best regards.

      1. Leo Libby

        How do I contact Upstore Support, I don’t see it on your menu’s

  138. Fascinum

    Hi, i used to find here some links to a shota site similar to this one and to a loli site similar too. Where can i find those links? Thx

  139. Rushu

    Do you have a premium download link for ALL the lolicon 3d images?
    One link for all.
    In this case I can download everything in less time. <3

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! No, we have not yet this magic link, but this is a good idea 😉 Please, enjoy the site!

  140. Andromeda Production

    Hello Andromeda Production here. Have been working on a part 2 and 3 for the Wanting It Ruff series and part 2 is almost finished. I emailed you a question about uploading, but didn’t receive a reply so was wondering if the email address I have is still valid. Could you please email me? Have you ever thought about adding an Upload area for authors on your site? It would just make it easier because most sites like gmail limit how much you can send. Just a thought.
    Thanks Andromeda

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi, Dylan! Yes, I got your e-mail and will reply soon!
      Best regards!

    2. Ticklemaster

      Dear Andromeda Production: Do you hire to do Commissions? Please feel free to ask Cute Admin for my email address, as I don’t know if it’s against the rules to post mine here or not.

      I am seeking to get a series of TICKLE TORTURE 3D made up, in the style of “DAYS OF OUR LIVES” and the “SICK” series, but WITHOUT the blood and gore and hard-core torture! Male children ages 7 to 13.

      The only thing in the series I wish made are tied up helpless and naked, relentless tickling till the child pees, manipulation of penis till ejaculate, oral sex while tied up, and perhaps licking up of pee off the floor and a little belt spanking on bare buttucks. Sometimes the tickling continues till the kid passes out.

      I believe someone once told me this is called “Light torture.”

      Do you think you might be interested in making a series like this? Again, I am willing to paypal you, and give the resulting series to this site for FREE to distribute to everyone.

      1. Andromeda Production

        Hello Andromeda Production here Ticklemaster. I have only been doing 3D art now for a little over two years and don’t feel I am anywhere near good enough like Insomniac, so wouldn’t feel comfortable trying to do any work for hire. I’m still using Daz which is limited in what it can do and what I can do with it. Also it does take a great amount of time and even then you sometimes don’t get it just right. I appreciate the offer, but at the moment don’t feel I’m good enough for what you are after. Dylan

        1. Ticklemaster

          Thank you for at least REPLYING to my request, Dylan! nobody else I’ve reached out to has even bothered to respond!

          Gee..I thought my offer of PAYPAL for commissions would’ve gotten SOMEBODY to respond!

  141. Warren

    Problem when downloading 2 files:

    When I tried to download the following files, I got an error message.

    – As109 – Tsuuhan Elf
    – Idreamofloli’s Lolicon 3D Pack Vol. 1

    Error message: “File was deleted by owner or due to a violation of service rules. Sorry for inconvenience…”

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! The uploader will reup these files as soon as possible!

  142. Warren

    Another server glitch with Upstore:

    File: “Boy In The Shed”

    Error message:
    “Error… Sorry, download server with your file is temporary unavailable… Try again later or contact support.”

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! It was temporary Upstore technical issue, just check and it’s working fine again! Enjoy the site!

  143. Belret


    Do you have the My Horny Daughters uncensored?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! Unfortunately, there is no uncensored version of this video.

      1. Belret

        Lol I bet only the creator has an uncensored version then

  144. Ticklemaster

    Cute Admin, could you please tell me how to UPLOAD to this site?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! Posters, editors and artists can only post to this website. Also, please, don’t spam!

      1. Ticklemaster

        I won’t spam if I know what the term means. Do you mean multiple posts? I am trying to get past the dang filter that blocks my messages every single time I use the three-letter word for a young male child beginning with the letter “B” and ending in “Y”

  145. Ticklemaster

    Can anyone in 3D do Max Charles and Dick Buttkiss (who turns into a green alien) from the TV show the Neighbors? (2012) Max and Dick were both 9 at the time.

  146. Ticklemaster

    Cute Admin:

    PLEASE pass this ON to all 3D artists, especially INSOMNIAC: I am willing to PAYPAL for a Tickle Torture and PEE of young male kids ages 7 – 12, especially with bare feet locked in the stocks so they can’t kick.

    I’ve asked this for a few years, but you say “Keep Watching the site” and nothing gets done.

  147. [email protected]


    Was just wondering if anyone knows, if the artist NastyNick is still bussing about?
    Have been waiting for ages for the next chapter of “Weekend with the grandparrents”

    Just missing his work in generel.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! We’ll take a look!

      1. secret_garden

        Thank you very much 🙂
        Also willing to contribute to his work.
        His work is the most detailed, most artistic, and convincing comix out there.

      2. SG

        Any news, Is he alive? 😀

  148. Ticklemaster

    CUTE ADMIN; Please DON’T HESITATE to contact me through my email, or tell talented 3D artists, especially INSOMNIAC, my email, so I can contact them to do COMMISSIONS. Naturally, I will SHARE for FREE everything done that I pay for!

    I believe there’s a huge, untapped market here for Men who like TICKLE TORTURE with young male kids!

    I’ve seen folks request CELEBRITY KID ACTORS in things like “DAYS OF OUR LIVES,” and I have a wonderful idea, for EPISODE 8: Kid actors, all in HOLLYWOOD, sent to a mean Hollywood Director, who keeps the kids tied up naked all the time, and teaches them how to laugh and cry in front of the camera through tickle torture! As I remember from my own childhood, most kids are humiliated if forced to pee in their shorts, or even wet the bed, after being tied up with no bathroom breaks for long hours. Most kids also go into immediate hysterics if their sensitive little bare feet are LICKED RELENTLESSLY and they can’t get away cause they’re all tied up.

    This isn’t “spam,” I’m dead serious, I WILL paypal for a series like this.

  149. Ticklemaster

    Dear Cute Admin: IF it’s allowed, could you please post or at least email to me, the email addresses of both Insomniac and Cronn, who are VERY talented, and I wish to hire them both for commissions. Naturally, I will then donate the series to your site for FREE, so everyone can share in them!

  150. Ticklemaster

    Dear Cute Admin,

    I have some shota cartoon work that I had commissioned. Do you have an email account I can send it to for consideration?

  151. Warren

    Hi, I really love this site and I greatly appreciate the effort you guys have put in to it. You’ve made me so happy on so many times.

    There’s a small glitch I’d like to report. Two files are not available from Upstore.

    When trying to download them, I get the following message: “File was deleted by owner or due to a violation of service rules. Sorry for inconvenience…”

    The files in queston are:
    – Idreamofloli’s Lolicon 3D Pack Vol. 1
    – VS lolicon pack vol. 2

    I reported earlier a similar problem with “As109’s Tsuufan Elf”, which is now is fixed and working.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Funnyboy

      Hello! 😉 Our authors will reup these files soon 🙂

  152. Dylan

    Hello your site is still one of my favorites keep up the good work. I was also wondering if you received the email I sent you with the continuation of the story? Thanks

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! I’ll check this in 3-5 days, thanks fo your work, Dylan!

  153. Ticklemaster

    First Day of the New Year! (now…where are all the TICKLE TORTURE images?)

  154. Bill

    Roller Girl has many broken images, can you pls re upload?

  155. Ticklemaster

    Cute, Hi,

    I have some stuff I had commissioned, and I’d like to upload them to you!

    Please give me an email address I can attach .jpg images to !

    You can then decide whether you wish to post them or not.

  156. ggghhh

    What software do you use to make this stuff?

  157. Pablo

    Hola soy de argentina. Me encanta este material pero debo pagar para verlo o descargarlo? Cómo? Por favor responda

    Hello I’m from Argentina. I love this stuff but i must pay for download them? How? Please, answer me.

    1. Funnyboy

      Hi! 🙂 Most of 3D (pics, anims and vids) here are for Premium users only. Image sets and manga are for free (mostly). We recommend you to buy a premium account to fully enjoy the site 😉 Just click DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD (MIRROR) and then select the most comfortable plan and payment method. Best regards.

  158. Jake

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “0”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “oy” in “comment_content” *]
    Dear Funnyboy and CuteAdmin 2,

    Can you tell me where you buy your CG characters please of the girls and boys?
    I have been making my own images and animations in Daz Studio for several years and recognize some of the models you are using, I think.
    The problem with the Daz boys and girls is they don’t have genitals. I have found ways to shrink some of the adults to make children with genitals, but it never looks as real as the kids you are making. The boys are the most difficult.
    If you don’t want to share how you make the kids please suggest some links that I can look in to and buy from.
    Thank you very much, and thanks for all the great images on your sites!

  159. Adrie

    No uploads from CuteAdmin for a couple of days now, I hope he’s allright.

    1. CuteAdmin

      Yes, I am ok, uploading stuff again! Thanks! 🙂

      1. Adrie

        That’s good to hear. You gave us a bit of a scare there 🙂

  160. Ticklemaster


    I have a number of professionally done artwork that I would like to submit to you.

    PLEASE send to my email YOUR email address for submissions!


  161. Ticklemaster

    PLease tell me, STEP BY STEP, how to UPLOAD files to share???

    Why can’t I just drag them to a box that says “UPLOAD HERE”?!?

    What the heck does FTP mean?

    1. CuteAdmin

      Hi! Users can not upload and share their works on the site.

      1. Ticklemaster

        Can you at LEAST please give me an email address so I can send you some .jpgs that I had commissioned?

  162. ploto09

    give es more sides of boys plz

    1. CuteAdmin

      Got your request! Stay tuned and enjoy the site!

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