Jun 06

Bedroom fun 2: The Redemption

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It’s a continuation of this series. In this part older brother is trying to earn forgiveness of younger brother 😉 Suck baby, suck it harder!

Type: yaoi shotacon 3D comix | Author: Ethan | 26 pics

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  1. bopop

    Totally love tasting every inch of a clean, young boy’s body. The first time me and my BF were together, before either of us knew the other one liked to play, we had a sleep-over,and I licked his belly button He got really turned on by that, and asked me if I’d lick anything else? He said whatever I did to him, he would do to me. We didn’t get much sleep that night, but we sure had fun, and that friendship lasted for about 6 years, then he moved. ,

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